The youth are the strongest followers of their stars.


The most talked topic since childhood is about the benefits and disadvantages of television. This is the best and knowledgeable invention given to the modern world by the father of science. The benefits are:

The actual benefit is received by the children who get help in learning more chapters in the form of picture tutorials. Children are more attentive towards the education through television for which now in the private schools they have the arrangement of smart board system.

You can watch the news channels of every region to know the current affairs and the political conditions of that particular region in the preferred language.


Excess of anything is not always helpful, means watching too much of television harms your children's eyes at an early stage.

All the shows are not good for children that are broadcasted, so you need to be careful.

Therefore the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes by their idols promotes the youngsters to copy.

For housewives, they can become a good chef without going to cookery classes, and just watching the food channels the ladies are well trained now to make different types of dishes at home.Even you have channels to build and improve spiritualism within you to make your character stronger.